12 octobre 2017

Krems an Der Donau

Krems an der Donau

Krems is a town of almost 24.000 inahbitants in Austria. The city is approximately 70 kilometres west of Vienna. About the geography, Krems is situated at the confluence of the rivers Danube.

I was happy when I arrived in the Vienna region because I immediately thought it is a good place to study. By the way, five higher education institutions and universities with 15.000 students are in the city.

I enjoyed my first days in this very quiet city. Preserved monuments are part of this beautiful city recorded by UNESCO. In the old town we can walk along religious buildings (lot of Churches in Krems) and mansions.

Concern about activities and daily living, the city offers possibilities for shopping, dining and relaxing evenings over a wholesome meal. There are several cozy cafes, restaurants and the typical wine taverns. A very famous cafe next to the city’s landmark named Ulrich Cafe is very relaxing and offer a good view of the Kremser city park.


Krems is also a city of culture with a great variety of museums and galleries. As an example, we have the possibility to visit the former Dominican monastery located in the center of Krems close to the pedestrian zone.

I really appreciate what offers Krems about sport, culture and excursions. I also like strolls in the cities near Krems.
We can discover Krems on foot, by bike or by 

Krems is also a city located in the basin surrounded by vines. There are a lot of winemakers in Krems.
I already plan a visit at the Sandgrube 13 to experience the making of wine with other international students.    

Sandgrube 13
I am happy to stay a few months in the city of Krems.


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