Première semaine à Londres

This is my first week in London and I feel full of things.                                                                                                                                    

big ben

One part of me is very happy to be here because it is a new experience, I’m going to meet new people do my life like I want alone. The other part feels bad because

 I’m alone here, I already miss my family and my friends, and I must deal with a lot of things. Actually, I have to begin my internship and I have to adapt myself to remember everything very quickly. I also have to find a roommate and it is very difficult because I’m based in Fulham and it is a very expensive area and I have a little budget. The other problem with the search for rent is that you have to be very fast when you find something in Gumtree or Spareroom (two websites) because everything is taken in the hour before the add is posted. I finally find some apartment to visit but either they were very uncomfortable and dirty or the people inside the house weren’t very friendly or too old. I want to live in a clean apartment with foreign people of my age, so I can make friends and improve my English. 

I finally find something for one month and then I have to find another thing for four remaining mouths. It was a beautiful Victorian style house, 30 minutes by walk from my work. There I make friends: one Italian girl of 25 years old, one Australian girl of 28 years old and a New Zealand couple of 26 years old.

My internship goes well, my managers are very nice and the other intern, Marion, is very kind as well. I need more time to adapt myself at this work because Marion and I were on our own the managers were not very present at this time, so it was a little bit difficult for me, but I tried to understand how does it work and after it goes well. I was affected to the recruitment part, I like doing this since I have done it before with my second-year internship.

This week-end I’m going to visit the city centre of London with a French friend that came her for one month. We plan to visit Big Ben, London eye and all the district next to those monuments.



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