11 février 2018
IT Tallaght

IT Tallaght

I study in Tallaght Institute of Technology (also known as ITT or IT Tallaght) is a higher education institute in South Dublin, Ireland. Established in 1992, IT offers courses and postgraduate courses. The institute offers a variety of courses including Higher Certificates and Bachelor 's Degrees.

Full Time Courses : 

  • Accountacy & Professional Studies
  • Bimedical Design
  • Computing 
  • Creative Digital Media 
  • Culinary Arts 
  • Electronis Engineering 
  • Sustainable Energy & Environmental Engineering 
  • Europan Studies 
  • International Hospitality & Tourism
  • Management
  • Marketing & Advertising 

Student life is very important in the university. During the first days, every association of the school comes to Erasmus to present the various projects and to encourage newcomers to register.
It is therefore possible to register for only € 3 to sports associations: Boxing, Airsoft, Badminton, VolleyBall, Basketball, Archery, Table Tennis, Pilates …There are also more involved associations such as Student Union, Rainbow Society, International Culture (which handles all organized trips). It is therefore regular to see in the corridors of the school sales of cakes, activities and games that show the different associations. When I arrived at the university, I had the full presentation of the university, and each pole. Unlike in France, students have the right to a lot of follow-up: it is possible to consult a doctor in the school, a psychiatrist, a religious member, financial aid …

We also learned how to create our own schedule. Indeed, the first two weeks of classes are exclusively dedicated to the discovery of different subjects. I was able to freely choose the courses that I liked the most.

Students are free to do what they like.
I have also noticed a huge difference with France, indeed all courses start with 20 minutes of delays, and often end in advance. Students arriving with 30 minutes late in class are still accepted, and the teachers say nothing at all. It makes sense to them.
The ratings are the average of two grades: a half period of 40% or 30% (often a try or an oral) and a partial of 60% or 70%ITT


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