4 février 2018
Trinity College

Discover Dublin and Dubliners

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, it is a big dynamic city. It is the historical, political, artistic, cultural, economic and industrial center of Ireland. 

It is however very easy to visit Dublin in a weekend. The architecture of the city is very special, the buildings are old stone. This gives a lot of charm to the city. Some streets are very narrow, with cobblestones on the ground. Many bars proudly display the Irish or Gaelic flags on their front.

Temple Bar

One of the oldest buildings in Dublin is undoubtedly the famous Trinity College which is in the very center of the city. It is a gigantic university whose buildings are worth the detour. She looks a lot at Oxford University and Cambridge.

Trinity College

The Trinity College Library is extremely famous for its ancient collection, especially its medieval manuscripts where all the ancient Irish literature was collected.
It is also impossible not to visit Temple Bar. It's probably the most famous street in Dublin, In the same street is the festive atmosphere of the Irish. Many bars are grouped at the same place. It is possible to hear in the street traditional music. This country is also famous for its beer, and these festive bars.


Dublins is a city with many parks and many free museums. Culture is easy to access.
There are also big shopping streets, very animated. There are many singers or street musicians. Which brings a very pleasant atmosphere when one walks.

The Dubliners

After a week in Ireland, I see that Dubliners are good guys. They like going out to pubs to get to know each other, it's really part of their tradition.
In addition to that, it is a population that likes to serve, and welcomes foreigners easily.
It is true that their accent is not easy to understand. Especially young students. I have no problem attending classes because the majority of my teachers speak slowly and articulate. However, this is not the case for students. It is often very difficult to understand them because they speak quickly and without articulation, with a pronounced accent. Group work is not always easy.

Temple Bar




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