Ramadan viewed and lived by a French atheist in Morocco.

During my internship in Casablanca, one of the biggest event that occurs is the Ramadan. This holy month for Muslims started a week ago and will last until the 14/15th of June. Ramadan is the biggest event in a year for the believers and represents one of the five pillars of Islam.

As a reminder (since most of the people know it), during this month believers are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, have sex and some other things from dawn to dusk.

Therefore, I fully lived this experience for many reasons, compared to what we see in France.
I am fasting like every believer. Why ? would you ask me like the dozens of European people I said so. Well, since Morocco is a Muslim country everything changes during this month. Summertime is canceled (so the fast is "shorter"), most of the shops are closed (especially and obviously food ones) and work schedule totally changed: I went from doing an 8:30 am to 6:30 pm day (with 1 hour and a half lunch break) to a 9 am to 4 pm straight workday.  And to be honest, I enjoy way more this schedule than the classic one because I am the kind of guy that does not need a huge break, and I usually take only 30 minutes to eat, which means that I used to "do nothing" for one hour (waiting for the lunch break to be over). Hence, I have the feeling that the day is faster (which is true since we work one hour less but it still feels shorter than that) and that I can do many other things after work.
The fasting part is not a problem since I was already used to it (never eat the morning and sometimes I do not eat at lunch), except for the drink part which is the hardest (and seems to be the hardest for everybody there) since the climate is warm and dry. 

So I did the fast fully somedays, and some others I was just fasting at work, which means that I was drinking before going to work, and when coming back I grabbed something to eat and drink so it is easier until the "Ftour".

The Ftour is also an important point of my interesting experience. Since I am renting a "room" (more like a small building in the yard) in a big house, I am kind of living with my owner's family. They are very kind and so, I am doing the ftour with them every day. The ftour is typically the breakfast. Does not make sense? Well if you think about it, it does. This is kind of a breakfast even if it is dinner time since it is your first meal of the day. 
Everybody does the ftour, and you can find every kind of things to eat there: cakes, bread, juice, tea (of course), salty meals (pastillas, french fries, chicken…).


Behind the physical enhancements during this month, it is also pretty easy to realize that mentalities change. Islam says that you must be even more generous, give 2.5% of your savings to people in need, be respectful…


In a nutshell, this month is very interesting for me since I am glad to discover in deeper details Islam since nowadays in Europe it has not a great "reputation".

(Mind my words and the total lack of organisation and logic in this article)

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