Moroccan cuisine: master of hospitality

The Moroccan gastronomy is well-reputed in the world for the tastes. Influenced by many cultures, countries, and cuisines it makes it a must try. However, I do think that the best reason for it to be one of the most reputed, is the way it is consumed.

Indeed, we know that Moroccans are very kind, hearty and welcoming (i.e you can ask anything to someone in the street and he will help you without any hesitation; I heard from that point, that even sometimes, they would like to say no, but they cannot due to their culture and behavior, so they just help you even if it bothers them) but I realized that the easiest way to see it, is through meals, and for many reasons.


First, eating is a thing in this country. We eat every time at any time: we are far away from the breakfast, lunch and dinner times. Here you just go for anything you want at any time.

Second, it is served roughly (as we could say "à la bonne franquette" in French) in big plates and without knives/forks 90% of the times (the 10% left are for classy meals or for Europeans). What's the thing then? Well, everyone around the plate just pick-up the food with their hands or bread, and go straight to the mouth. You just have to wash your hands at the end and that's it (there are sinks everywhere in restaurants, because yes, restaurants in Morocco served the same way as at home). As for my experience, I fastly removed knives and forks from my way to eat because I was happy to integrate myself into this new culture. On top of that, I have to admit that the meal "tastes" better while consumed with our hands.

The third reason, the plates. As you know the most famous dishes like couscous, you may realize that many of them are big ones, made to be shared or used with hands. Which means that either with hands or shared in group, it is always a great moment with your friends/family. They also have this kind of "that day = that dish", as for couscous which is on every friday and rfissa on every Wednesday. 

Image associée
Rfissa, the Wednesday' dish

In a nutshell, the Morrocan cuisine was tasty, abundant, and always a great moment to share.

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