Internship summary

Four months earlier I arrived in this new continent, new country, and new city. I was quite excited about this upcoming experience and happy to have this chance. Since I was there mainly for work, let me sum up what I have done so far as a finance intern in Ansamble.

To introduce my position, let's have a look at my company. Officially I was under the Ansamble company. But this is the property of the OCS group which holds many other companies like Retail (which is the franchisee of Brioche Dorée in Morocco), LP Distribution (franchisee of Leader Price), Awargan (argan oil), DM food (frozen food sold in BtoB), A Deux Pas (nursery) and obviously Ansamble which is a catering company (1400 employees out of a total of 1600 for the whole group).

Now, as many Ipag interns do, I did not have a specific position and no real name, just "Finance intern" which, I guess, truly show what I did there: all kind of things in finance.

Therefore, I was working on projects. My biggest projects there were Business Plans for incoming development: 5 new shops for Retail located in the new train stations, and an argan oil factory. Respectively 1.5 million euro and 3 million euro of investments, they were my main tasks for months. It was very interesting since it was a very complete financial project: I had to manage and collect data (expected turnovers, cost of sales, personnel costs…), try to reduce it as much as possible, group it up and create the profit and loss account and the cash flow. Another thing that was quite interesting was the fact that, by being the only one working on this business plan, I had to think by myself about every assumption and potential scenario, even if I did not build the project idea. Therefore, struck into my finance part, I still managed to have another side of the job and kind of, see the field.

Then I also had side missions, which were less interesting but still, it gave me a better view of my potential future position. 


Overall, what is my feedback about this internship?
Well, first I am glad to have chosen this opportunity and so, thankful to my CEO and my tutor for accepting and trusting me. Second I am very happy about the environment I discovered. Not so far from the European way to work, the days were longer and the atmosphere was wonderful. I met nice people, with who I was able to discuss, debate and laugh. Even if our culture were different, we did not feel it. I guess it comes from something I greatly improved during this international year: my open-mindedness. Indeed, they were surprised by how simple and open I was. The first meal together, they are joking about me having the reluctance to eat with my fingers: but hey, I don't care I'll do it, while you are eating with knives and forks. Last but not the least reason: I learn so many things. I did not learn new things or technique in terms of finance, but… I learned what are the expectations of a bank while you are asking for a loan to invest, how you should present them, what is the best way to present an excel and make it easy to read, what is the good methodology to do a business plan.
And since a business plan is the core of launching a company, I am very glad, as my dream is to become an entrepreneur, to learned how to do them. 

In a nutshell, this internship was full of experience, followed the path I "created" during my first semester in Munich, where I tried to leave my comfort zone, open even more my mind, meet new people and so on. 
Now, if I had the possibility to comeback in Casablanca and work with the same missions will I do it? Not so sure, I need time to answer that, but I especially need to think and analyze the points I disliked there, and those I liked, to see if it was due to my situation (short time, therefore I did not take time to create a social life, which I think is important to appreciate to its most the experience…) or to something real that I will not be able to change.


Anyway, thank you Morocco for welcoming me and thank you Ansamble and all the people I met there. 

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