Casablanca: get around

Casablanca is 202km² wide which is twice bigger than Paris but does not have a subway or trains to travel. In addition, the traffic is a total mess and crowded every time during the day (loaded even at 10-11AM) which means that traveling by car can be very long.
Therefore, it has been quite difficult for me to get around during my internship, so I wanted to do a little guide about the best ways to do so.

Overall, you have four ways to move in Casablanca.

First, the one I never used for so many reasons: the bus. Ok this is the cheapest one and it goes everywhere in the city, but wow… It looks so old and broken that you do not want to hop in.


The picture shows the real situation of this transport, I have never seen a bus that is not crowded and even less a bus in a good state. Every time I talked about public transports with colleagues or locals, they all told me this: "If you get on a bus, you are not sure to leave it".
First I thought they were talking about the crowd and shape issues, but not only; indeed it seems to be full of thieves. And as a European, I can tell – from experience – that you are in a way, a "target".
The standard ticket is 5 Dhs (50 cents)

Second one, by car (own one). This is a pretty good thing since you are independent but there in Morocco, car owners are quite limited because it is very expensive compared to the Purchasing Power. So not everybody can afford it, and on top of that, it may be useless since, as I said, the roads are always crowded.
Moreover, the way to drive here will need you few hours of driving experience to get used to it (forget every rule, the only one is "if I can do this without hitting a car or someone, then let's go")

Third one, taxis. There are two types of taxis, the white one that is quite similar to the one we have in Europe (could be used for long-travel) but more expensive than the second type which is the most common and used: the red ones. These red taxis are kind of uber for Morocco but without a smartphone application. They drive, you call them with your hand, and then you tell them your destination. If they are going this way you can hop in, otherwise, you will have to wait for another one (you can find one every 5 to 10 cars, so it is pretty easy). It is very cheap because you can be with strangers. The first one that gets in, has priority for the destination, then the second and so on. You will pay the amount depending on the kilometers: 2 Dhs per km (yeah, extremely cheap).
This is probably the most used transport in Casablanca.

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Last but not least, the tramway. Launched in 2012, this is the first "railroad" transport, and the city is planning to develop it until 2030. Nowadays there is only one line, going from top east of the city, through the center and then splitting into two branches, one going to the west (beach) and another to the south-west (the business district where are my headquarters). This is the one I used the most since  I had a subway station 15 minutes by walk from home and it is cheap (6 Dhs per way), practical, safe and fast (because you are not stuck in the traffic). They are planning to open three more lines and a train line which will be similar to the subway or actual "RER" in Paris.


The honorable way to get around is of course by walk or by bike, but the city is quite big so you cannot reach every point, and by bike I would not be safe due to the Morrocan's way to drive.


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