Arrival and integration in Casablanca

For this second semester abroad, I decided to fly to Casablanca, the economic city of Morocco.

I arrived on the 19th of March, afternoon, and started the next morning my internship in Ansamble. You guessed it: my arrival in the city was a total rush but I liked it. I was lucky enough to have someone from the company to pick me up at the airport, so I did not have to worry about any transport to get to my new home. However, my luggage was nearly empty, I had no cash and no phone (deactivated my French line during this internship because I was not going to use it) but the only feeling that remained was… happiness! I was happy to discover a new culture, a new country, and a new experience!

That being said, I can explain my integration in the company, which was the best I ever hard (pretty easy to say since I never got a real one from all my past professional experiences) for many reasons. First, colleagues and people were very welcoming and hearty, and it really helps in this process. They were all introducing themselves, explaining to me their jobs and on top of that they were young (average age was 28 or such). 
I then met my boss for the first time and explained to me what I was going to do for the next two weeks: going through every subsidiary of the group. I generally spent one or two days in each so I could get everything from each department/job. Therefore, I literally cooked for the catering company and served the lunch to kids (was in a school), I have been using a cash-desk in a shop (Leader Price), was managing and doing class to very young kids (4 years old) for a day, helping in a gas station shop (Brioche Dorée), preparing orders and shipments from the company's warehouse near the airport for two days and so on. So this is the second reason: it was very very complete and interesting in terms of experiences and insights.
Third reason, I met a lot of people that were greatly involved in showing me the best sides of Morocco and some of them invited me to visit near cities or points of interests. 

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During these two first weeks I also visited and discovered a lot the city and her culture, ate a lot of classic dishes (Couscous, Rfissa, Moroccan's soup…) but I will detail these parts in many more articles.

In a nutshell, I am glad to chose this country because I am discovering unexpected things and a wonderful culture.

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