Acting like a tourist for 48 hours (part 1)

This weekend, one of my last in Morocco, my dad came to visit me. He went a few times in the kingdom but never visited Casablanca and the area.

Therefore, and since I knew that he was going to visit me sooner or later when I arrived, WE visited the whole city. It was kind of interesting since I tried not to visit what we've seen, before.


So, he arrived during the world cup soccer game France – Uruguay which I was watching with my colleagues at our headquarters. I was so stressed to miss any minute of it, that I told him that we will meet after the game, but, he somehow arrived in the city 20 minutes before the potential end (70' 2-0 for France). The score was great so I sadly left the broadcast area built for the world cup in our HQ to join him.

That day we just went to the "Corniche" which is the street bordering the sea and the beach. We sat in a bar to enjoy: the next soccer game (Belgium – Brasil, to know and analyze our future enemies), the view on the sea and the sun going down, leading to a beautiful landscape (blue sky, pink sun, and sea).


Similar landscape, also located in the "Corniche"


For this day, the plan was easy: doing EVERYTHING that a tourist should do by coming to the city in ONE day. Quite a challenge but not so tough since Casablanca is not Paris: there is not so much to see and do. However, the quite few important things are beautiful and worth it.

Basically, we left my room around 10:00 am and joined the city center by tramway. We dropped at the place "Mohammed V" which is beautiful since it is surrounded by political and important buildings that are impressive – and you need to know that in the kingdom, if something is very related to the king, then it has to be beautiful, big and well-maintained. 
The first stop was a small museum of a Moroccan collector named Abderrahman Slaoui showing every item he got through his life. It was mainly dishes, storages and jewelry (especially the Berber ones for women) with lovely colors. I did not expect myself to like it that much; I mean it is only items: why should I be impressed and enjoying seeing these? But it was magic and beautiful so…


One of the beautiful jewelry you can see

After that, we walked to the most famous monument in the citythe Mosque Hassan II. I already went there so it was not a surprise but it is still a pleasure to come there for its majesty. Also, that time we did the inside visit. And wow… no words can describe it. This is so beautiful, impressive and well-thought. Like the wide, length and height respectively 100m, 200m, and 65m add up to… 365. 365 for? The number of days. The same goes for the speakers needed so everybody can hear the pray: they are invisible. It is impossible to spot them if no one tells you where they are…
So yeah, it was mind-blowing and it explains the one billion dollars cost required for the building.

After that, we went in a local snack doing barbecue – great, cheap and local: perfect – and continued to a district known for its pretty architecture (inspired by French), where we just walked through and enjoyed the moment.

Last stop on our fast day: the district "Les Habous". This is probably the most touristic thing after the Mosque and I understood why. Also called the "New Medina", it is a small district where you can buy traditional stuff from leather, tailor, and woodcrafters. What is very enjoyable is the fact that, even if it is touristic, sellers are not pushy, it is calm and you are welcomed (which was not the case in many medinas I went to… remember Marrakesh ?). Thus, I took the time to find a souvenir and presents for my family and people that helped me find this internship.


After that, the day was over, we walked 18 kilometers in total. We came back to my room, rested and then we had dinner with my owner and her husband. It was great and my dad had the opportunity to try new dishes he never tasted before.

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