Acting like a tourist for 48 hours (part 2)


That day we had two choices: going to the beach and rest or going to Rabat.
My dad is already spending quite a lot of time at the beach in France, and I was not so up to, therefore we took the second option.

We woke up earlier than the day before and took the train at 9:45 to the nearest station, to go to Rabat. The trip is 1H15 long but since the one we decided to take was delayed, we took another one where we had to do a switch. Thus we took 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to the capital of the kingdom.

It was the first time I took "long" trains to travel in the country, and I must say that, even if they look quite old, they are comfortable, on time (I mean mostly obviously haha) and the staff is adorable. They speak French fluently which is definitely not so common here (my dad always had the bad habit to talk to them in French thinking that they speak it, but gosh no. Rich do, locals no.) and so enjoyable since they are always guiding and helping you. But do not say things I did not: this is not a sneaky comparison to our french "SNCF".

So after our arrival, we directly went by walking to the first stop of our small trip: Chellah. It is a very old fortified necropolis with a great history that I did not take time to get at that time (did researches after). The ramparts are very well-maintained and have a nice color. Inside this city, there are hundreds of storks guarding the site. You can hear them and it is very impressive to see the dozens of nest.
There also is a lovely garden with tons of different species and on top of that, a beautiful point of view on the below valley. 

Entrance of Chellah

After that visit, we went to the second point of interest: the Mohammed-V mausoleum which is 40 minutes by walk from Chellah.
The place is beautiful and majestic as everytime a king is involved in the area. We can see his tomb, well guarded, and enjoy the quality of it (probably made of white onyx). Outside the mausoleum, we can find the tower Hassan which was supposed to be the minaret of the biggest mosque of the world in the 12th century. However, the building has never been completed.


After that, we decided to have a break and went down to the sea. It was a beautiful bay with small and wooden boats, with children swimming and jumping from the rocks upper. It was very sunny and so, the perfect weather to visit and enjoy the colors of the city.

One hour later we got back to our visit and went quickly through the Medina by walking through "La rue des Consuls"  which my owner recommended me. Indeed, it was a beautiful street with more traditional items that I have ever seen in any medina before. Sellers were kind and not pushy. Nevertheless, since the street was pointing to the sea and so the beach, it was very very crowded due to people going there.

The end of the streets brings us right in front of "Kasbah des Oudayas" which is a panoramic district, with white and blue houses (like you can imagine and see on Greece postcards). It is a small district but mainly pedestrians and with an insane point of view on the sea at the end of it. When we arrived at this point, we could hear the noise from the beach. We were already realizing how crazy the beach was full. And when we finally saw the beach: it looked more black than yellow/blue. 


Kasbah des Oudayas


After that, we came back to the city center and took the train back to Casablanca.

In a nutshell, it was an exhausting weekend (40km walked by 30°C) but definitely worth it. I am happy to have now visited every city possible and nice, available from Casablanca by transport and doable in one day.




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