24 hours in Marrakesh (part 2)

So after this misadventure, I followed my sense of direction and signs to arrive at the Jemaa El Fna place. Through my way, I saw the most beautiful part of the medina, which looks like a covered market, with beautiful lights (since it the sun was going down) even if it is still a street. It was way more touristic and unusually pleasant to see dozens of tourists (I do not like that much touristic places and in general everything crowdy) after what happened. Therefore, I took the time to appreciate the smells from spices shop, have a look at the traditional woodcraft, leathercraft, and tailors.

At 7:30 pm I finally got out of this maze and arrived at the place.

Wow, it looks amazing. There is everything you could hope for: atmosphere, smells, "landscape" (the huge place with dozens of small shops full of light) and the Moroccan heat (the one from their heart, not from the climate tho)


I did a first walk through every shops, monkey and snakes tamer, women doing henna tattoos and then took time to enjoy the beautifulness of the location and kind of meditate.
Then as you may guess, it was during the Ramadan, so at 7:40 pm the mosque made the call to pray which also means that Muslim can break the fast (so can I since I was doing it). I already lived this special call in Casablanca for 3 weeks before this trip, and it was already special and so weird because it feels like the time stops: no more sound, no more horn, everybody is praying and/or eating. But there it was even more special since every local which are running the shops and animation are leaving which lead to a place only full of tourists.

Anyway, I went to a little restaurant in the middle of the place (this looks like the thing you can see on the picture above) and was surprised about the prices. It looks similar to Casa small snakes even if we are in the most touristic place in the country. So I ordered a "meat tajine" for 40 dirhams (which is not so far to the 25-30 I am used to in Casa). But here is the trick, I literally had nothing in my plate: I had around 100g of beef (half was fat) and that's it. Therefore I understood why it looked similar to other cities even though it is a touristic city: the difference is in the plate.

After this dinner, I spent time in the area and enjoyed it, and finally came back to my riad.

The Sunday morning I woke up at 8 to get to the second most touristic spot in the city: Majorelle's Garden and the Yves-Saint-Laurent Museum.
Everything is grouped since this is the property of the YSL foundation.

The garden was very very beautiful, and the bonus was this very small museum (40 square meters I would say) explaining the Berber population. It was very interesting and very well-made, so I learned a lot of things.

Then I went through the YSL museum which was quite disappointing, it is literally a room with 20 dresses, and that's it. You may wonder "what did he expect ?". Well no idea, but paying 15€ to see 20 dresses does not feel worthy and interesting. 
I felt like the small museum on Berber was 10 times more interesting than this, while costing a third of the YSL museum.

I spent 3 hours in this place and come back to the Jemaa El Fna place to see it with the daylight: it was so empty and soulless.
Then went for lunch, took my bag and said goodbye to my very very kind hosts before going to the bus.


In a nutshell, I was happy to have enough time to do everything I wanted, even in less than 24 hours. It was very beautiful and represented well the traditions from Morocco, however, I feel like this is over-rated. Since I am a nature lover and landscape guy, I think that there are way more beautiful things to see/do in the country. 

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