7 décembre 2017


We arrived on Thursday, september 7th in Chengdu and on saturday the chinese students organized us a day visit of apartments to help us to lodge because what is complicated in China is that the Chinese do not speak english. 

So in the morning with Victor and another student studying in Toulouse Business School and staying in the same hotel as us, we went to the university where we had an appointment with the other students who were looking for apartments. Waiting for the visit we sympathized with another student studying in Rennes. We made the first visits but we did not like the level of amenties for four. While waiting for other visits, an agency next to the place where we waited for us approached and offered us to visit apartments. We accepted and that's how with Victor, Lucas (student in Toulouse), Pierre-Ivan (student in Rennes) and myself found an apartment. A Chinese student helped us with the contract to translate and to see if everything was good. 

Our apartment is 5 minutes by bike from the campus which is convenient enough to get to class. We are very happy with the choice of our apartment because it is very spacious with a balcony, two bathrooms, we each have our room and a large living room. We are in beautiful residence flowers and lakes which is very nice. 

Otherwise, the good athmosphere with the roommates is very good, for example we play cards regularly, we go to the gym, we visit and we go out at night together. We do not all have the same courses but we will often work together at the library especially during exams. The fact that we are getting along well is very pleasant for the good progress of the expatriation. 


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