6 décembre 2017

First day in SWUFE

The day after my arrival, I had my day of integration. The university has two campuses, one in the center of Chengdu and another one in Wenjiang, a district of Chengdu which is 40 minutes dirve from the center. Throughout our semester, all our courses are located in Wenjiang.

So for this day of integration we took the subway (about 1 hour) to get to the Wenjiang campus. When we arrived, we had an appointment in one of the amphitheatres in which Chinese students showed us life on campus and what was waiting us during these 5 months. Afterwards, they made a visit to the campus including their museum. This visit allowed us to discover the other students who were in expatriation like us and thus make the first acquaintances. 

During this day of integration, I discovered Chinese food because the university offered us the lunch. I was able to taste the spicy food typical of Sichuan, the region where Chengdu is located. I find it good however the spice is very strong so in the restaurants must be specified "not spicy" or "little spicy". It's a food that changes of our habits but that's what I came for in China. 

In the afternoon, the Chinese students showed us where to buy a sim card for our phones in the university. We took the opportunity to buy one. Then we went to make our student cards. One the day ended with Victor and other students we went back to our hotel. Indeed other students were in the same hotel as us. We had a very good day and it gave us a taste of our everyday life on campus.




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