2 décembre 2017

Departure for Chengdu

After months of waiting, with my friend Victor we finally take off, heading to China for Chengdu. We found ourselves at the airport of Paris Charles de Gaulle. The plane took off towards Doha where we had 20 hours of stopovers.

During this stopover we had the time to visit this city which is very modern and very rich. During the visit what was most striking was the heat, so few people were outside. We were able to visit the souk of Doha. This visit allowed us to embark on our expatriation because we have for objective to travel a lot to discover China and this culture totally different from the European one.After these 20 hours of stopovers, we have taken the plane to the final direction : Chengdu. 

Once arrived, we joined our hotel that we had booked for 5 nights the time to find an apartment. This hotel made us a little scared at first seen his state but it did not cut us in our euphoria of departure. The first impressions of Chengdu that I had is without hesitation the size of the city. Indeed this city makes the size of the island of France in area.

Once installed we went to visit a little neighborhood where the was located. We also went to see one of the campuses of the university. The name of our university is SWUFE which means SouthWestern University Financial and Economic.

It was a successful start with some nice surprises waiting for us.

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