12 octobre 2014

Lancement de la premiere boutique londonienne du joailler Shawish

This week was full of various missions.

For the opening evening of the first London boutique Swiss jeweler Shawish, this week was devoted to planning the event and especially to settle all the last minute details to ensure that the event of his fights full.

So I have been asked to find spots that were a harpist, a bartender service or a molecular ensure that we receive far timely beautiful invitations designed for use on confirm prompts.

Well obviously, before sending the invitations, I had initially make a selection from the press and journalists choose what I thought was significant invite.

Eventually, I had to procure their contacts, something that can be difficult and take it despite the rich database, which is essential in the USA and UK, we use.

Then come the stage where it is necessary to develop the email that we wish to send, it also took me to translate in French, before finally press the Send button.

Once this stage of mailing realized he just have to wait a few days before « follow up » as they say here, and make sure our event capture attention and awake the journalist to ensure it participates and confirms its presence and well obviously we hoped could later that he devotes an article to our client.

The beautiful invitations for the upcoming opening of the shop
The beautiful invitations for the upcoming opening of the shop


In addition, this week we had a photoshoot in the premises of the shop with a very well-known blogger Xenia Tchoumitcheva the general public; which my friend and colleague Jad had the opportunity to participate to the delight of his eyes.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva wearing the collar of the Princess collection
Xenia Tchoumitcheva bearing the Princess collection Shawish

As for me I would have the opportunity to meet Xenia at the cocktail reception on opening night Thursday.







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