The Sharing Economy in China

China is the first country likely to share its property and services with 94% of respondents interested in sharing economy, and the realization in 2015 is striking: the sharing of market economy represents more than 152.8 billion dollars in China. The fact is that China's economy is in transition, and the sharing economy now represents a new growth motor, which revolutionizes many sectors and offers many development opportunities for the country.China is the country with the most numerous Internet users (516,117,519 Internet users in 2011), offering  many opportunities to the development of the sharing economy through internet. The Chinese environment is very conducive to the development of the sharing economy, and Chinese entrepreneurs have quickly understood this.

While the largest global players in the sharing economy (Airbnb, Uber) are present in China, many Chinese companies participates in the adventure of collaborative consumption. Created in 2012, the site Xiaozhu short term rental housing is already present in over 200 Chinese cities, its little brother Tujia has now 240,000 units in China and is valued at more than $ 1 billion. Yongche, the chinese equivalent of Uber, founded in 2010 is now available in 73 Chinese cities as well as New York, San Francisco, London, Moscow, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Taipei, and has 50 000 cars and more than 2 million users around the world. Other sectors are also developing, such as financial loans between individuals, use already present in the Chinese culture, which is becoming increasingly important in the landscape of the Chinese economy of sharing. This sector now accounts for $ 47 billion, with more than 1,500 lenders "peer to peer" that connect individuals and small businesses in need of funding.

Thus we can see that the sharing economy is a model that is growing around the world, carrying economic and environmental values, it is supported by new technologies and digital platforms, which makes it very accessible and easy to integrate. With innovative ideas and ethical and ecological values, the sharing of the economy provides bright prospects for the global economy, but it has yet to prove its effectiveness and sustainability in the long term, in a context of global economic crisis and transition.

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