My Missions at Win Link

During this internship, I had to complete several missions.

Prospecting new clients was my first mission, considering the loss of client Win Link had to face right before my arrival. It’s not a task that I enjoy, but it is necessary to contact new companies. To get in touch with companies that interested us, we would send them e-mail, offering a partnership with our project. We also went to different fair in Shanghai (SIAL, BioFach) to discuss directly with some potential clients. Going to fairs is both challenging and stimulating, we had to work on our speech to catch the attention of the interlocutor, and be remembered! Prospecting, especially with email isn’t a “fun task” but in often shows results to some extent.

Then comes the negotiation part. Once a potential client shows interest in our project, we have to collect all the information about their products, prices, MOQ, any conditions they may have etc.… in order to make a proposition which matches both sides’ expectations. We ask the companies for some documents such as a letter of intense, certificated analysis and exclusivity agreement (when agreed). We also discuss the logistics procedure, since Win Link is affiliated to the Shining Logistics Group we offer the logistic service to our client to facilitate the import of their products.

When the terms of the contract are decided, we have to collect of the documents needed for the importation in China and the online distribution of the products. Then the client case is sent to the logistic team of Shining, which takes care of the technical aspects of the importation: date of purchase, date of arrival, date of payment etc.…

Occasionally, I would support Shining Logistics. I would source potential clients, which are different target as for Win Link. Shining only sales logistics services, so I had to contact companies who need support for the import or export of products in China. My missions were the same as Win Link, except it does not only concern natural and organic products. I took care of the negotiation part, and then gave the client case to the logistic team for all technical aspects of the import or export. As a background task, I would do some market search about organic and natural in China, included market watch and competitive intelligence. This is really important to do this for a market like the Chinese one, because it is young and in constant evolution, so the companies need to stay connected with this unstable environment in order to stay competitive.

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