Intercultural Challenges in Chinese Business 2

Taking initiatives

In the chinese business culture, taking initiatives can be poorly looked upon, and it is not encouraged. Going out of the crowd can be scaring and a source of trouble, so again to keep things in harmony chinese rather run than taking part of a discussion with unknown consequences. Also, when a leader takes an initiative according to his leader role, he does not discuss it with its colleagues or consult them, he doesn't have to explain the action he took as a leader.

As a foreigner to the chinese culture, you have to be patient and be careful not to be too pushy towards chinese colleagues, not to put them in any uncomfortable situation.

Words and actions

In the chinese culture, actions are much more valued than words, like implies in this famous chinese quote : "Who talks too much necesseraly talks nonsense". It is a very pragmatic approach that is supposed to lead to efficiency without losing time discussing ''nonsense". It can sometimes lead to quick decision taken without analyzing all pros and cons.

When surrounded by Chinese people, as a Western people you should not talk to much or try to impress with big words. Also, avoid debate : this kind of practice that we valued in our culture are not appreciate in the chinese culture.


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