5 juin 2018

Synthesis of my export mission report



Hi everyone and welcome to an other article ! This time I am going to share with you the synthesis of my export mission on GO-JEK. I hope you will enjoy it.

Founded by Nadiem Makarim in 2010, GO-JEK is an indonesian startup specialized in ride-hailing, logistics and digital payments. At first, the unicorn was only offering taxi and motorbikes services but with the time the app has since expended his offer to other services of the daily life. At the begining, the Harvard graduate launched his business with only 20 motorbikes drivers and since then his fleets now exeded 1 millions drivers and until 18 on demand-services. His first idea was to create something to reduce as much as possible the terrible traffic in Indonesia. It was an idea that he tought about during his studies in Harvard. The name GO-JEK comes from the appelation "ojek" that means taxi motorbike in bahasa indonesia. It's only in 2015 that the startup really explosed in Indonesia when M. Makarim launched GO-JEK mobile app and now the success is so intense that we count 17 million downloads in 2016. With this new type of competition this kind of app is now prohibided in some touristic places because the local taxi driver complained about it. But this problems won't stop the unicorn that want to expend itself to the SouthEst Asia market and with the retirement of Uber in this area it will benefit for GO-JEK.

After seeing this success in Indonesia, we though : Why not export this concept in France ? Our team who will manage this project will be composed of a general manager, a technical director, a developers, a web designer, a comunity manager, a marketing manager and a growth hacker.

The challenge is now to find how the indonesian concept GO-JEK can be developed in France ? and for that we built a business plan.

First of all GO-JEK is a B to C business which linked professionals and users without the part that the user has to go out of his house for the service requested. 18 services are grouped in one single app. That is the main concept. Among them you can find GO-RIDE, GO-CAR, GO-FOOD, GO-SHOP or GO-GLAM that are services that the user is already consuming in his daily life.

We could define that our future market is divided in 3 main parts : the working people who are looking for simple ways to make their life easier and who will use GO-JEK oftenly, the users that are constantly looking for a new technology to share with their community who will use GO-JEK occasionally. The last segment is the ones who prefere stay at home and use homedelivery services. GO-JEK will be part of their daily life.

Our target will be Chloé, a 34-years-old woman working at Danone as a product manager. She has to move a lot for her job and works irregular hours. She lives in Paris with her family and takes public transport because she doesn't have a car. She will need GO-JEK to help her realize the simple taks of the daily life.

Our positioning is "GO-JEK is the ideal tool for users that are looking for convenience and saving time at a reasonable price" GO-JEK will be available on IOS and Android in France. His first implantation will be in big cities of France. For the commercial part, we will use social medias, internet, posting, the newspaper and the television to promote the app. 

Our forces will be our competitive prices, the large amont of different services that offers the app to satisfy every need of the user. At the moment only GO-JEK combines all this fonctionalities.


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