24 avril 2018

Beauty in Indonesia

Hello everyone and welcome to an other article 🙂 

This time my article is going to be a little bit different from the previous ones because today I am going to talk about what I have seen and what surprised me here in Bali about beauty. Then I am gong to compare the beauty standards in Indonesia and the ones in the western countries like France for example.

How did I get this idea to make it an article ? Well, the answer is that every single day here in Bali we are surrounded by a lot of advertising about specific beauty products that fits with the beauty standards of the country. And it's not just on the street ! It goes from the Indonesian Youtube ads until the big poster at the gym near Slukat. So basically that is why I decided today to talk about this here.

First of all, you may know that Bali is in Indonesia and Indinesia is an Asian country so the beauty standards may be differents from the western ones and you are totally right. to understand why they have these certains beauty standards I informed myself with the locals and they told me that these beauty standards had changed with the time.

Back in the 10th century the beauty standard in Indonesia was not really focused on skin color but it was on fertility. The beauty was defined on the body proportion. We can see that on paintings or any kind of art that represents the Indonesia woman. The women were supposed to be "curvy" to be beautiful (with large hips, big breast and a thin waist). This figures represented fertility which at the time was considered as beautiful.

As time goes by and as the globalization occured in Indonesia, the beauty standards changed with the apparition of medias and entertainment. With that, the actresses (as they often appears on TV) became the new beauty standards that everyone has to follow.

Since the 90 and since the apparition of the the soap operas the commercials and programs became dominated by Eurasian looking actresses. So the ads for white skin and whitening skin products started to increased. And nowadays, the latest beauty trend that starts from 2010 is the Korean soap operas, music and fashion. This became very popular in Indonesia. So extremely white and perfect skin with impeccable white teeth became the must have. Now everybody wants their fair skin, which increases the demand for skin whitening products.

That are the reasons why everywere in Bali there are ads for whitening skin products and that in the shops it's now difficult to find a normal showergel or deodorant or any kind of beauty product actually whithout the inscription "whitening effect". I think it's so crazy that they are all surrounded by this type of propaganda that if you don't have a lighter skin you are not beautiful.

And you can also see this because every woman you will see on the scooter or on the street wears long jackets, jeans and even gloves sometimes even if it's 30 degrees outside ! It's so crazy that they really avoid the sun because they really don't want to be tanned.

All this is because in their mind if you are white that's also means you are "pure" and "rich" so you don't have to do the hard work of the countryside on the sun.

For me all this is very different and I am not used to it because in the western culture it's totally the opposite. For us if you are tanned that means you got back from vacation and so that you have money to travel very far away where the is a hot and sunny climat. For us (western people), be tanned is our beauty standard. That is also why sun spa is very popular in our country.

In California or in Australia there is this "surfer trend" that everyone needs to be fit and tanned to be beautiful. It's also true in France but a little bit less because there is not that much sun in the whole year.

I found this very interesting all these differences even I at first I was very suprised. That is why I wanted to share it here in my blog.

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