23 avril 2018

The Singapore experience

Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about my weekend In Singapore and what I did there.

Indeed, I had to go out of Indonesia after the first month in Bali for my visa so I choosed to go to Singapore during a weekend to do it and also it was the perfect occasion to discover this part of the world that evryone keeps talking about. Because when I first got there in Bali I took the "free visa" for tourist of one month that can be renewed as many times as you want but afer the month you have to go out of Indonesia and if you want to go back you have to take another visa. And I am staying 4 month in Bali I have to go out 2 times : the first time after one month and when I go back I can take a visa with extention that last for 2 months, and then the second time I wil go out and take once again the tourist visa for one month. At the end I will have th visa for all the time I will stay here in Bali.

So that is basically why I went to Singapore this weekend. I went with Emilie Steegg, my friend from Ipag who is staying with me in Slukat and also with who I arrived in Bali.

We choosed to stay in a hotel in China Town because this neighborhood is located in the middle of everything that we needed to visit and also because it is one of the cheapest district in Singapore. As you may know, Singapore is one of the most expensive country in the world and also very urbanised and when you are there you feel that everything is "new".

So just after our last class en Thursday, we went to Denpasar (Bali's airport) and there we took our flight. We flew the KLM company and is was actually a pretty good company. We arrived at Singapore airport at 00h so we just took an uber and went to our hotel to sleep because it was very late and we were tired.

The next morning we visited China Town and some religious places : one Buddhist temple, one Hindu temple and a mosque. It was very interesting to see that in Singapore, everyone can practise their religion without troubles and that there is a real melting pot.

Then, we visited some famous malls and I can say that after one month spend in the country side it has beeen a pleasure to go back a little bit to the civilization with all the differents shops that we all know such as "H&M", "Sephora" and some Korean and American brands also. So we did some shopping there and buy products that we needed and couldn't find in Bali.

After that we visited 2 museums : The toy museum and the National museum. The first wasn't that exiting but the second one as very worth it and we went at differents exhibitions, included the one with the history of Singapore. It was very interesting to see how this "new" city/country was built and what happened before with the war and how they came to the Independance.

After the museums we wanted to go to a famous rooftop bar but it was not opened because there was a private event and as we were so tired we just came back to ChinaTown, ate and went to sleep because we walked a lot this day.

The next day (on Saturday) we woke up around 9 am, we went to visit Little India (a famous Indian neighborhood) and went to an other famous Hindu temple. After that we went to Arab Street and its famous mosque and we ate Malaysian food street there.

In the afternoon we went at the famous Marina Bay Sand an its beautiful view and went to see an exhibition at the ArtScience Museum next to Marina Bay.

After that we went shopping (again) at the most famous mall of Singapore at Marina Bay and we decided to see Garden by the Bay at night and it was wonderful. 

On Sunday we went again to Marina Bay just to chill there and after that we went straight to the airport to come back at Bali.

When we arrived at bali we took the visa with extension and came back to Slukat.

I will never forget this amazing experience in Singapore, it was such a good weekend and I never saw a place like this in my life ! Everything was so clean (even the undergroung), the people were so nice and so helpful. It was really like I was dreaming. I will definitly recommand to my friend to go there and spend at least few days there.

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