17 avril 2018

A Weekend in Gili Trawangan during Nyepi

Hello guys and welcome to an other article !

Today I am going to talk about what I did during the Nyepi holiday which is… Going to the Gili Islands !

What did I go there during Nyepi ? Simply because the Gili Islands are not part of Bali so they don't celebrate Nyepi and the Silent Day there.

The Gilis are composed by 3 islands : Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan which is the biggest of them. They are part of Lombok (an other Island) so that is why they don'y celebrate Silent Day there.

I really wanted to go out of Bali dyring this holiday because I did'nt see myself staying in my house 24 hours with no light, electricity or even without my phone or computer. Furthermore, the Gilis are in general very busy during this days because a lot of tourists go there during Nyepi. So with all the volunteers we went there and the whole island was occupied by almost only western people.

To go to the Gilis we had to go to Padang Bay which is an Harbor at 1h driving at least from the Slukat Center. Once we were there, we had to take a ferry and the way to go there was 2 hours. We wet there on a thursday morning because there were no class because of Nyepi.

The ferry was not the best but it was nice, we could go on the top and take the sun because it was a good day and very sunny.

Once we got there, we went to our hotel and we just chilled in it. Some of us went on the pool, the other at the beach just in front. When we got there we were so amazed because the sea in Gili is so clear and the sand to white ! It was really like the dreamed beach you can see on social media. So the day we arrived we just stayed and enjoy the great weather.

Gili Trawangan is very famous for its parties so we tried it the first night there. There was a lot of tourists from Europe, Australia and even America (North and South). It was very fun.

The day after, we wanted to tried snorkeling there because the Gili Island and specifically Gili Trawangan are famous to see wild sea turtles. So that's why we book a boat tour there. The boat tour was to stopped at 4 different spots and doing a little tour of the 3 islands.

The snorketing experience was cool, we saw some beautiful fishes and turtles (I even swam with one !). We stopped at 4 different spots. After the second spot we stopped at a Warung to eat local food there. It was nice, I really spend a good time this day. The snorkeling trip was for 4 hours.

When we got back at the hotel, everyone was a little bit tired so we just chilled there until the evening and we went our for dinner together and after we went to take some drinks.

On the next morning, we had no fixed plans so everyone just woke up at their rhythm. As I'm an early bird I woke up first, I took breakfast and I went to the beach in front of our hotel. You have to know that our hotel is located a little bit apart from the most touristic part of Gili Trawangan. That's why, at my surprise I saw a sea turtle swiming just next to me when I was on the sea and it wasn't even deep ! I was so amazed ! After the first one, here came an other one and it didn't end so I went to take a camera to take pictures and record it because this moment  was so unique and I felt a little bit stupid because we paid for snorkeling to see sea turtles while we could see some wild ones just in front of our hotel but the boat trip was fine so I didn't mind.

The next afternoon we decided to rent bikes for a day to see a little bit of the island because there is no other transport than bikes or horses. And I did't regret it because the landscape was very beautiful and it was a good day. I even bought some coconut oil on the road.

At the end of the day I was very happy of this weekend and the morning after it was already time to go home.

This was how I spend the Nyepi holiday in Bali (I didn't really celebrate it by the way)


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