16 avril 2018

A Balinese Wedding.

Hi everyone and welcome back to another article.

This time I am going to tell you a little bit about the balinese culture ad especially about the balinese wedding because we had the chance to be invited by one of the member of the Slukat staff who her sister was getting married.

Wedding is a huge event in everyone’s life, so it is for Balinese. In a Balinese wedding, there are many unique processions involved and the first step is that you have to know what to wear because it is very different from the western culture and so the outfits are

So we went to the Sukawati market to choose our outfit for the wedding. Everyone has to wear a Saroung even if you are a man, it's kind of a long patterned skurt and then the others pieces change if you are a woman or a man. For the women, they have to wear a Saroung with a transparent top with a scarf in their weist. 

So at the Sukawati market where you can buy clothes, street food and fruits and vegetables we found our outfits there.

The wedding was the day after so we just bought our outfit and came back at the center.

In the balinese wedding there is two part  the first part is the ceremony part, the high priest has to bless the two grooms and after that they are considered "married". This ritual lasts 2h of less. After the morning ceremony, there is a buffet and after eating luch together the people have to leave the wedding to "free the sits" for other people.

The buffet is composed by only indonesian food of course and it can be very spicy so if you are not used to spicy food you have to be careful of what you are eating because it can cause a stomach ache.

And in the second part of a balinese wedding which consits of dinner most of the time you are only invited to eat the dinner buffet and to stay a little bit with the married ones. After that you can go home. There is no "party" like we all know, no one is dancing and most of the time there is no good music. Basically, everyone is just sitting there waiting for someone to invite them to the buffet. It's an other culture but this wedding was very interesting even if I didn't have a lot of fun there.

The main thing is that I could see what a hindu/balinese wedding looked like and that I could compare it to the western ones. So dspite of al these differences I was glad I have been invited to this wedding, and also it was fun to see the staff of Slukat in traditional clothes.




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