28 février 2018

The monkey forest, Jimbaran, Uluwatu and first time in Kuta

During the week we have two free ride to Ubud with the staff of Slukat. So the first week we went to Ubud to visit the Monkey Forest and eat sushi there. The monkey forest is a place where the monkeys are free to do everything they want because it's really their territory.

That way you have to be careful and always keep your belongings with you because they can steal everything like sunglasses, smartphones, your food, your jewlery and even your water !

They are very smart and they know how to open bags. So if you want to go visit the monkey forest don't bring food with you and be careful if you want o take picture because once they stealed your phone it's acually hard to take it back !

PS : In this photo I wa a little bit scared haha.


In general when it's the weekend, I move with the others volunteers to visit the others parts of Bali. The Second weekend we went to Jimbaran which it's located in the South-West part of the island.

So this weekend, on Friday we took a taxi like Uber, Grab o Go Jek to go there. When we arrived we went at the beach to have lunch first and then we just landed on the beach and we stayed there until the sunset which is very beautiful to see in Bali. We took a lot of pictures and then we came back for dinner and to go out.


Sunset in Jimbaran beach


The saturday we went to visit some beaches which are famous for their wonderful landscape and, white sand and clear see. 

We went to "Padand-Padang beach" in the morning and after to "Pandawa beach" They are very beautiful as they way and differents. Padang Padang is located near Uluwatu and Pandawa beach is near Nusa Dua but as Bali isn't that big it not takes to long to visit multiples part of the island. When we were at the Pandawa beach, something weird happened. We were taking the sun and a couple ask for taking picture with us because we are western people and in  this beach there were only indonesian people from Java of Jakarta so that's why we were so "famous" there. Every ten minutes a new group of person was taking picture of us and with us, it was very weird, we felt like kind of "stars".

The night after, we went to kuta to the how is the night life in Bali and actually it was very fun we loved it and we will go out an other time for sure.

The sunday after we went to the Uluwatu Temple, the view is very beautiful there and you cant take very good pictures. Also, there are free monkeys there because there is a little forest and the monkeys are used to visitors.

I really loved this weekend, especially because this was my first weekend away from Slukat.





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