27 février 2018

First Week discovering Bali and the classes

When I decided to go to Bali I knew I would discover a totally different culture and that I had to visit all the unavoidable things to see. So that's why I would do on my free time (when I don't have to teach). As I mentioned on my first article about Bali, the first weekend I went to see some Waterfalls located in Gianyar (neer from the Slukat Center). It was very huge and increible to see because in France we don't have this kind of landscape, so when you see this  you are totally amazed ! Then, I went to the Sukawati market because I had to buy some long and light pants to teach. In Bali you are a woman you can't teach to the kids in short, mini skirt or something that shows your shoulders and breast. You must be dressed with a tee-shirt that covers that and that covers your knees. And as I didn't bring all this kind of clothes, that's why I had to go to this kind of market the first weekend. In this market you can find a lot of souvenirs, works of art, food (especially street food) and clothes. Sukawati market is very famous because it's where all the balineese people come to buy all their merchandise. So there you can find the same things as in the touristic places like Ubud, Kuta or Seminyak but way cheaper. The only problems in the balineese markets is that when you look like a western people, they will give you the higher price so you have to negociate a lot if you don't want to pay too much. The second problem is the sizes, the balineese women are very small and skinny so you have to try the clothes before buying them because maybe they won't fit to you. For example in France my size is S but here I buy L. In Sukawati I bought some pants and flip flops.

My first week teaching english was amazing and actually I didn't know that I will love teaching to the balineese children so much because they are very respectfull, nice, they listen to (even if you seem stress or not confident) and they smiled a lot. So it's not hard to teach to them even if they are here for free. Usually I teach to the Basic 1 level (they are between 9-11 years old) and the Intermediate 1 (they are between 12-14 years old). And your class is suppose to change every month.

To the Basic 1 ones I teach subjects such as the time in english, how to introduce yourself, some basic vocabulary, the present etc and to the Intermediate 1 ones I usually go further with the gramatical form, some of the jobs, etc.

Every week one a week I have to teach them computer class such as how to use Word or Powerpoint for example or how to write an email. I think that this is very interesting because I can transmit to them my knowledge and I feel everytime that I finish a class that I accoplished something good !

Also, teaching at Slukat with a smal class and teaching at the public school is very different. In the public school they are almost 40 in the class  so you have to make them respect you and listen to you because they are a little bit more distracted and less focused but it's also a good experience.

I have to go teaching a the public school every Tuesday and Thursday morning, and the rest of the time I teach at Slukat.


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