19 février 2018

Welcome to Bali

Hello everyone, welcome to a new adventure but this time in Bali !

For my second semester abroad I choosed to do an humanitarian mission in Bali (Indonesia) as my internship. The purpose of this mission is to teach english in a school to the local children. I arrived in Bali the 8th of february (a thursday night) so it was already the week-end and I could rest during thursday until sunday.  I am in Bali for 4 months.

My organization is called "Slukat learning center" and it's located in Keramas Village, Gianyar in Bali.

All the week I stay at the center where I have my room and the week-ends I am free to visit Bali. I have to teach from monday until thursday with morning and afternoon clases. Every week we have a new schedule with our hours, the name of the class we have to teach to and the name of the classroom.

Generally one class last for 1h30 and the last 30 minutes you can play games with them to relax them so that way they will learn faster and they will enjoy the class.

We have to prepare our course before the class but it not last more than 30/40 minutes for me. 

The classes are divided in  levels ( Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2…) and it corresponds at the level of the student and not the agees. So you can have students with differents agees in your class but with the same level. For example I have a class named "Laksmi" and their level is Basic one (so they are new in english) and they are between 9 – 12 years old. So it depends on the name and the level of your class.

As we are sleeping on the center (the volnteers) we are never late in class but sometimes the students don't go to class because of many reasons then we have to improvise if there isn't enough students. For example last week on tuesday afternoon only one student came so we played games and he had a private class this day with me.

Every hours we have a different class so we have to memorize a lot of names ! And generally we have between 3 and 16 students maximum at the learning center.

Two times per week we teach at the public school which is at approximatively at 10  minutes in scooter to the learning center. In the public school the students we have to teach to  much more students than the ones we teach at Slukat. For example last week I had to teach to a class of 35 students (with the help of an other volunteer and the indonesian teacher of course). But they are so nice and respecful that it's not a problem to teach to them even if you don't have any experience in teaching.

Every week we have the opportunity to go to Ubud for free, we just have to ask the staff to take us there with their car.

The first week, at evey class that I had there was a volunteer that helped me because during the first classes you always are a little bit lost and that is normal. But at Slukat it's very easy to get the rythm of the teaching activity and for my part I can adapt myself very fast to every situation and even more this semester because last semester I went to Mexico so it was totally different from what I have known. 

In Bali it's also a totally different culture from the one we know in France (the western one) so you need to have a good adaptation skill or you will feel bad arriving here. I think I adapted myself very fast in Bali, it took me just one week-end so I am proud of me.

During this first week end I went to the Keramas beach and I walked around because the center is located at 10 minutes by feet to the beach. Then I went to visit the Tegenungan Waterfalls. In Bali there is a lot to see and I can't wait to see everything !  



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