5 janvier 2018

Synthesis of my classes at La Salle CDMX

I chose four classes plus a Spanish class that I had to follow because I did not have level B1. Also, you should know that all my classes were in Spanish with the exception of the marketing class that was in English.

The classes belong to three categories:

– CNI: International business and commerce
– ADM: Administration
– MER: Marketing

Marketing Fundamentals (MER)

This class looked like my marketing classes that I had at Ipag, but I felt that it was different because we studied marketing from a very different point of view. We had to do group presentations every month on the marketing subjects taht we saw in class. We also had written exams.

Macroeconomics (ADM)

This course was one of my favorites because I liked the teaching method of the teacher and it was very interesting because we studied macroeconomics in general and the economy of Mexico. Each month we had a written exam.

o Sales Strategies in the 21st Century (ADM)

This class was a bit like the class we had in Ipag in the first year with some concepts, but it was very different about the form and the teaching method.
In fact, in each class the teacher distributed activities to us with questions and practical cases that we completed with him and per team. There are times that we had to complete these activities after watching some videos. These activities constituted our courses. The graduation was divided into two parts : first, we had to make oral presentations in team about the topics we saw in class and then we had a written exam.

o Multicultural Marketing (CNI)

This class was my favorite class. I'll tell you why. First, because It was my only class in English so during these five months I did not lose my English thanks to this class. Secondly, because it was the class where there was the most people from the university exchange. Finally, I really liked this class because we analyzed in a group the marketing strategies of international brands according to their country of implementation. For example, me and my group analyzed Haagen Dazs and its marketing strategy in France, United States and Japan during this semester and we had to make group presentations every month. Then it was very interesting to see the cultural differences of the different countries of study.

o Mexican Language and Culture

During my week of orientation at La Salle we passed a written and oral test to determine what our level of Spanish was. After this test I saw that I did not have level B1 so I had to follow the Spanish courses imposed by the university for exchange students, but that allowed me to improve my Spanish level considerably.
I had 2 courses of an hour and a half per week during the whole semester. Our teacher, Gisel was great and we learned Spanish in a very pedagogical way.
We were only 5 in the class, 4 French and one German, which allowed us to talk a lot with the teacher and improve the spoken part more quickly. Every morning we told to the class what we did the day before or during our weekend or what we will the next weekend. The written exercises that we had to deliver and the readings that we analyzed allowed us to progress to the writing as well.

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