Synthesis of my Internship Report

Check on 22/06/2018 the full synthesis

The internship started on February 19th, 2018 and will end on June 22nd, 2018. This internship will complete my fourth-year master program in International Management. I have decided to realise it in UniKL Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Technology (MIMET) which is in Lumut, state of Perak (Malaysia).

The project given was the “Analysis of Smart Buoy for Coastal Guide System Market”. It consists of market study and commercialisation. I group all tasks in mission titles to organise it and explain synthetically.


The first mission was the monthly presentations to deliver. My contribution to this mission was to provide my project progression into a PowerPoint presentation and an update of all my research in a logbook. The difficulties were that I was alone and did not have any directions. IPAG BS courses helped me to prepare oral presentations. Thanks to these monthly presentations, my communication skills improved. The monthly meeting was the only way I could have a critic, advice or question to ask about my work.


The second mission was the planning of the project. My contribution to this mission was to deliver a Gantt chart of all the task for the project. The difficulties were to estimate the duration of each work and to list all the functions that the project takes in consideration. I brainstormed all the task in a paper and made a Gantt Chart, and anytime I had new responsibilities, I updated it. This mission is helpful to follow deadlines and to know where I was in my advancement.


The third mission was the study and analyse of the conceptual design. My contribution was the research on the main parts. What I added to the smart buoy were some new components. The main difficulty was the technicality of this mission. My supervisor changed it to a business project. This mission was necessary to know entirely about the product, its functions to commercialise the best product concerning quality.


The fourth mission was the study and analyse of the market. It was the new project given to me. I contributed to explaining the problem statement and objectives of the project, and I delivered the marketing techniques that I have learnt, literature that I have read. The difficulty was that I had no supervisor guiding me, I was by myself in the project. It helped me working autonomously. The results of this mission will be the results of the project. The only critic I could say is that the marketing part has already been done to my project, but they informed me late. Communication and sharing information are not their strength.


The fifth mission was the sessions and conferences to attend. Offshore Technological Conference (OTC) Asia 2018 was the last minute task. My supervisors invited me, I needed to talk with the professionals to get some new techniques of commercialising a product. The difficulty was to remember all the project and conversation I had, but I took notes on my phone. This experience was great. This field mission was the occasion to be out from Lumut, it was exciting and something that I should do more often in my personal life.


The sixth mission was the AIREX competition. The supervisor planned this mission since the beginning of our project. I contributed to the poster we needed to provide for the contest. The main difficulty was that it was not my project, so I needed to learn about it. I was very disappointed by the cancellation of two students at the last moment. The experience was fine. If I won the award, it would be my supervisor taking it.


The project is not complete yet, so I do not know if it is a success or a failure. You can check on my blog on June 22nd, 2018.

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