University of Greenwich Report

IPAG Business School gives us the opportunity to do a whole year abroad during the third year of a five-year program. One semester in a partner university of our choice depending on our merits and one internship or a humanitarian mission.

For my first semester, I went to Barcelona to work in a real estate company called Casamona International from August 26th to December 16th, 2016.

Thanks to my well-ranked in IPAG, I had the chance to confirm my first choice of University, which was the University of Greenwich from January 12th to May 17th, 2017.

Before being in London, I was wondering how London will be and how integrated will I be, if after the university, I know more about who I am, what I want and where do I see myself in the next years, will this experience abroad will change me professionally or personally.


Compared to IPAG Business School, Greenwich University is bigger. it hosts Business students, Computing and Mathematical Sciences students and Humanities and Social Sciences students. My biggest problem was to find rooms and to not be late from room to another. Moreover, there are security guards in some buildings who check the student card, and if you don’t have, you can’t go to class or access to the library. Some areas of the university can be close because they are shooting a movie, so we all have to find another way to go to class. Directors try to shoot quickly a film or a scene because the rent is about £100,000/day depending the background.


Studying at the University of Greenwich permits me to adapt myself to a different atmosphere, different teaching method compared to the one I am used to in IPAG BS, a different lifestyle with the independent life without parents.

The best way to improve my English skills were by talking, speaking and listening in an English country because it is every day a real-life situation. The courses I had selected permits me to expand my management knowledge, and debate on new subjects. 



This expatriation will be forever in my memories. It is the biggest step in our studies, and permit us to gain confidence and maturity. My studies at the University of Greenwich was a good experience, it complements my IPAG studies and brings me a clear understanding of my future.

Thanks to this semester, I know I want to do an International Management Master, and I will start my master in a comfortable position.

This expatriation was expensive, I expand around £3240 for the semester. 

The goals I put at the beginning of this semester were all reached.

I achieve successfully all my courses and validate my ECTS credits.

I did local activities every week as going to the market on weekends, comedy club on Thursday, watching football in a bar… I lived with a local who give me many local places to visit or eat.

This experience made me more independent, and I do not want to lose that.

IPAG Business School gave us the best opportunity for our program, to go overseas for a whole year. It attracts many students every year because not every university gave us that chance.


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