Report of Astonishment in London


First of all, Greater London is a huge city of 33 distinct boroughs, every borough is different from one to another. Every borough has a different style.

London is huge but clean, compared to Paris, there is no cigarettes, paper or gum in the streets. People respect the area, and even animal excrement are quickly taken out from the streets. Which is strange is the fact that there is not a lot of dustbins, I could never find one. Cleaners might come to every street every hour. Finally, the most shocking are the subway, the subway is so clean, there’s not even a graffiti tag.


Talking about the subway, transports such as DLR, metro, and bus have no fraud, and people respect transportation because controllers are everywhere and the fine is expensive (£100). London is expensive, the more economical way in transport is to take a card and put money inside. It is cheaper than a single ticket. Moreover, you can be pay back when you go back to your original country. This system is better than Paris system.

Respect is vital. People respect other people’s religions or beliefs. I have seen many individuals with a veil at school. It is not forbidden which has a positive impact on society because religion is not seen as a ‘taboo.'


In walking around London, you can see many different styles, in Camden Town, it is a place where you can see many punks, rockers, and gothic people. It seems normal for London people, and it shows the environment of the borough.

As a student, the teaching method was surprisingly different from Paris, but also the relation between a teacher and a student. Teachers are close to their students, and they talk to us as we are on the same work level. They preferred us to call them by their name and to mail them anytime we have a question. Some of them put their phone number in case of emergency.


Moreover, British people eat lunch and dinner soon, one hour before French people. They preferred eating outside, in a restaurant, cafeteria, market or supermarket than eating home. I guess I was the rare one using a Tupperware for lunch. Moreover, there’s one cafeteria and a Starbucks at the university, but there is no microwave for people who brings their food. It is hard to be economical in this situation. Furthermore, markets and supermarkets are expensive, that could explain why British people rather eat outside than cook their food.


As a student, the student card is the most important thing; it can let you access to the library and school. You can even put money in order to print or lend a book. The library is huge; it has been renovated recently, most of the students are there in their free time. It is separated in two buildings, and each floor has its rules. Two weeks before exams and during exams, the library access is 24/24 – 7/7 which is useful for people who preferred to work at night.


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