Chosen courses in Greenwich University

There were no courses in finance, I was quite disappointed because I wanted to do a Finance Master.

The four courses I chose was Cross-Cultural Management CCM, Management Information Systems MIS, Project Management PM and Sustainable Business Development SBD.

All the course take 30 credits ECTS in total (7.5 ECTS/course). To validate credits, I needed 40% (which is 8/20) in all the subject.

Every lecture has its seminar the same day, and it’s the same topic. Lectures and seminars last one hour.


In CCM, the subject is talking about how to deal with different cultures in the same organisation. Topics such as globalisation, multicultural teams, national culture and workplace motivation. I had the same teacher for the lecture class and the seminar class: Antoinette Saint-Hilaire. During her lectures, she is giving a lot of facts, and asking a lot of questions, she wanted communication and debate of different opinion in her course. She gave us presentation and documents to read before class to understand a topic. She also posted videos and audios to make a good essay. To validate this subject, a 2,500-word essay (50%) had to be done and a 2 hours exam with three mini-essays (50%). I enjoyed this subject a lot because it can happen in my future career to work with a person with a different culture than mine.


In MIS, my lecturer, Doreen Nielsen, was nice, maybe too nice and my seminar teacher, Ilaria Guandalini, was helpful because the subject was new for many of us, and it is hard to understand in an hour. But the lecturer, posted many documents, videos, and audios to explain us everything. The subject is talking about how Information Systems and Information Technology can always be important in a company. We had every week a PowerPoint project to do in groups of 4/5 people from the same seminar, but it was not marked, only for fun. Our only assignment was a 2,000-words individual report (100%). There was no exam on this subject. This subject was really difficult to understand completely; people should love the topic of IS and IT.


In PM, my lecturer, Wenxian Sun, and my seminar teacher, Nic Vine, were both amazing, they were organized and dynamic, so in an hour, the presentation were all done. Only the lecture slides were posted, we also had chapters to read, and sometimes some videos to see before a seminar. Every seminar, we had to work on our group project in class. This subject is quite the same as ‘Gestion de Projet’ in IPAG Business School. The subject was mainly steps to realise a good project. Our assignments were a 2,000-words group project (30%) and a 3,000-words individual project (70%). There was no exam on this subject. I love this subject; it was really interesting to make a project with different people and different ideas.


In SBD, my lecturer and seminar teacher was the same person: Athena Piterou. This subject was one my favourite subject, but the teacher was quite boring. Everything was already written on her lecture and seminar slides and posted a day before classes. I did not see the point of going to her lectures. But I went to seminars because every week, we were working in a real case. I mainly work this subject by myself. And for the assignments, we had two essays to do on a product to evaluate all the environmental risks of it, their impacts and solution we can provide to reduce environmental impacts. The first essay was 500 words (20%) and the second 4,000 words (80%). There was no exam on this subject. The subject helps us identify environmental risks and their impacts. Regulations that could be applied and some important actors. 


In Cross Cultural Management, I had an average of 43%, I almost could fail this subject, but because I only had one exam, I concentrated in this subject for the exam.

In Management Information Systems, I had an average of 62%, but we only had one mark which was my report.

In Project Management, I had an average of 77% which is pretty good. The subject I success the most.

In Sustainable Business Development, I had an average of 66.

I made new international contacts from Europe, which I will keep in touch, and will still make me practice my English.

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