Presentation of the University of Greenwich

Greenwich University is located in the southeast part of London. Opposite from Queen House. More than 20,000 students from 176 countries are in this university.



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It is composed of 3 campuses:

Avery Hill campus is 86 hectares of parkland with two sites: Mansion site and Southwood site. This campus is mainly for Architecture & Construction students, Education & Training students, and Health & Social Care students. It has a new sports center and a library.

Medway campus is located on the Kent Coast, 48km away from Central London. This campus is mainly for Pharmacy students, Health and Social Care students, Science students, and Engineering students. It has many research facilities such as robotics laboratories.

Greenwich campus is the campus of Business students, Computing and Mathematical Sciences students and Humanities and Social Sciences students. There are 5 main building where there are classes, a bar, a cafeteria, a huge library in Stockwell Street.


Greenwich Map


Compared to my school, IPAG Business School, Greenwich University is way bigger. My main problem was to find rooms and to not be late from a room to another. Moreover, there are security guards in some buildings who check the student card and if you don’t have, you can’t go to class or access to the library.

Moreover, some areas of the university can be close because they are shooting a movie so we all have to find another way to go to class.

It is a huge place and very touristic. 

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