Casamona International

As part of my third year program at IPAG Business School in Paris, I have the opportunity to do a year abroad. I started my first semester with a marketing internship at Casamona International located in Barcelona. I did it from August 29th to December 16th.

My objectives during this semester were:

To be happy at work: because happiness brings motivation and motivation brings hard work, and hard work is always rewarded.

  • This objective had been successful. I have always done my work at 100% and I get rewarded by money and invitation to the restaurant by my boss. I enjoyed going to work because my Marketing Team was incredible.

To be an organise person: finish on time my given project to be able to have time to discover Barcelona.

  • I am a really messy person in my personal life but when it’s a professional area, I try to be really organise. And it payed, my boss remarked it, and chose me as the intern of the week for being the most organized person… two times! So this objective was a success.

To talk and act professionally all the time: it’s important to be well-spotted in a professional environment.

  • I had a complicated day with one of my colleague one day at work. I get really angry at her because she talked to me really bad. And I realize that professional life you will not agree every time with people. And that was not the best reaction to have. I learned my mistake after doing it. This objective failed. But I learned a lot about how to react when that kind of problem happens.

To learn more about real estate and marketing: maybe I will feel like I want to do marketing in the future.

  • I learn a lot about real estate, it interests me. I consider doing that later in my life. But, for Marketing I did not learn more things that I’ve learnt at IPAG. I know one thing  for sure, I do not want to do marketing in my work life.

To be able to speak English and Spanish fluently: that is one of the reason I chose Barcelona.

  • English was the language I was communicating in my internship, I felt like I improve. I could not understand British accent at all in the beginning and now I can. I can have a real deep conversation with a foreigner. I even dream in English for a moment.
  • On the contrary, Spanish was really difficult. I thought I had some basics, but I did not. It was really hard to talk and understand in the beginning, but in the end, with some Spanish cartoons, some friends I met and some activities I did, I could understand Spanish, and talk a bit (not fluently yet).

To be more a woman and not a girl in my way of living: I never had professional events so I have to try some.

  • I made 2 networking to meet with some directors. I really enjoyed it. I also participated to a TED congress in Barcelona in how to be happy at work. It was in Spanish, so I did not understand much. But it is something I will continue doing! I met really important people that could help me for the future.

To meet new people who are not speaking French: the best way to improve a language is to meet foreign people, talk with them and go out.

  • I met many people coming from the UK, the Netherlands, Ghana and Spain. And I always talk with them in English, so they sometimes made fun at my asian accent but they could perfectly understand me. I could at the end dream in English.

To adapt my daily life from Paris to Barcelona: in Paris, I have my small world with my family and friends. I also live by myself. In Barcelona, I will be living with a girl friend from IPAG BS.

  • It was not difficult to move in Barcelona. I felt really free and independent. I have more values about money, people and work. I feel more ambitious and motivated to success in my life.

In general, I really love my internship and being in Barcelona. I feel like I change, and I have become more mature. I will never forget my year abroad. Thank you again to my university IPAG Business School for this huge opportunity.

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