November Presentation and Thanksgiving

From November 28th to December 2nd

I was in charge of the monthly presentation:

  • We had 4 new interns/employees: Diogo Dinis & Neil Hardcastle in Marketing Team & Didrik Freivald & Cecilia Wegener in Rental Team.
  • 14 flat finds in November 2016: 7 less than October but 4 more than November 2015.
  • 6 rental deals & 7 sales in process (+ 3 sales closed).
  • Our most popular articles of the website were the article about 'Investment in Barcelona', 'A day as a Casamona Intern' and 'The Golden Visa'

During the month, Marketing Team were in charge of:

  • Translation: we still translate some pages and upload it on the new website.
  • Postcards: working on it.
  • Social media: new Facebook Group "Buy and Sell in barcelona"
  • Portals: upload apartment on it.
  • Writing articles for our blog section.
  • New website: sending some new mistakes, few were corrected.
  • Mannequin Challenge posted on Youtube (but the wrong one) we have to post on the new one.
  • New project to me; presentation to update for the new interns

Calm month… December, 8 interns will leave.


Capture d’écran 2016-12-26 à 11.04.04

Capture d’écran 2016-12-26 à 11.10.43


Last but not least, we celebrate Thanksgiving on November 30th:
  • It's not a Spanish event but the boss and her husband lived in United States for many years. So they celebrate Thanksgiving every year in Casamona.
  • Marketing Team cooked 3 apple pies. Other Team made entrance and other desserts.
  • The boss order a huge turkey in La Pampa with potatoes.
  • We all eat in the office together, and played games.
  • Each of us had to thanks for something in their life, so it was really moving.
  • Tine's husband explained us how Thanksgiving were created (I forgot).
  • We also had to bring a gift and pack it: and we played a game where we catch gifts.


Thanksgiving dinner:


All the gifts:


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