The Mannequin Challenge

From November 14th to November 18th

New Marketing Intern that came on Monday: Diogo Dinis, a friend of Neil. (We're 6 in the Team now!)

And faster he came, faster he gave the idea of making a Mannequin Challenge, the trend of the moment where everybody in the video stop moving and Do the work activity. Neil and him directed it, I was the assistant. They finish filming it in a week.

We also created a new Facebook Group called "Buy and Sell in Barcelona" because it didn't exist yet, and the boss wanted to sell many things we had in the storage, and maybe buy new forks (cause we had a fork stealer in the company).


The new website has many more problems so we had to still deal with it.

Many new rules in the company:

  • We don't red-eye anymore, we just change the reference number and mark the flat as 'sold' or 'rent'.
  • We have to use the Activity Calendar: everytime we go outside (for a visit, for lunch…), we have to add it on the Activity Calendar for our "security" and for the OM to know.
  • New working hours for the next 2 weeks: 10AM to 4:30PM (Yeah!)


interns of the week: Me for being the most organized person thanks to tine.

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