Mont Royal

Mount Royal was one of my first visits to Montreal, it is a landmark! This hill dominates the city of Montreal from its height of 233 meters and its 200 hectares, it is a must for both Montrealers and tourists.

mont royal

The park was created in 1876, the name Mont Royal names the city of Montreal. Mount Royal is huge! It includes residential neighborhoods, university campuses, cemeteries, a park and has 3 main peaks.

The south summit is where we find:
the Camillien-Houde lookout which allows to have a breathtaking view of the Olympic Park and its leaning tower
-the cross of Mount Royal, one of the symbols of the city of Montreal
The Mount Royal chalet overlooking the Kondiaronk lookout
the Kondiaronk lookout with its view of Montreal, the best known of Mount Royal, with an exceptional view of Montreal, its skyscrapers and the St. Lawrence River
the beaver lake, the summer we can do the boat and the winter skate!

IMG_8453           IMG_8463

At the north summit, we find the Jewish cemetery and the lesser known belvedere of Outremont. 

Finally, at the Northwest Summit, there is St. Joseph's Oratory, Westmount and Summit Circle Lookout.


I loved visiting this place because in summer with the pedalo, the boats, the bike or in winter with snowshoes, sled or skates, there are always things to do!

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