Montreal for 4 months !

Here I am, I'm starting my third year at IPAG. This is special because it is a new year abroad! it means new adventures and new discoveries. The year is divided between an internship or a humanitarian mission and then an exchange in a university.

For my part, I decided to start with an internship in Montreal. One of the most beautiful cities in Canada! I do my internship at Nova Horizons, a real estate agency.



I choose to go to Montreal because I had already the opportunity to discover Canada five years ago in a summer camp near Toronto. I had discovered Toronto and its regions, and it was very great! I would like to know more about this beautiful country. That’s why I choose to discover a new region, the Quebec with the kindness of the Quebecois and this city Montreal known for its urban dimension but also its large green spaces.

montreal      montreal 2

Montreal always attracted me because it is the city with the greatest cultural variety with all the museums and festivals and a human city with great associations of sport and art. Moreover, Montreal is a very young city representing the future with all its universities like Magill, Concordia, HEC, Polytechnique… We also see a great diversity between the large green parks but also the huge buildings in the big avenues. Montreal seems to be a pleasant city that I want to discover moreover. 

Finally, Montreal looks very different from France and full of diversities and I am excited to tell you about in my next articles!



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