Fifth week in New-York

This week was particularly good because I see my cousins I have just met. Indeed, I hang out with them and we went to a college party. One of my cousin is working for the club, so I had a free entrance and free drinks. We stayed till the end that’s to say 4am.

I spent all other nights on the rooftop of my building. It is a place I love thanks to the view (20th floor). I can see Brooklyn from Manhattan, the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, and on the other side I see the Empire States Building and so more other skyscrapers and building.

At work, I studied a marketing prospectus. The company wants to change its website and define a new marketing plan. We have already started the process with updating data on Salesforce.

This week went so fast since I work only 3 days and then was the week-end.

Therefore, this is the weekly fact : Pharmacy is a place where you usually find drugs and healthy products. However, in United-States, you can find candies, cigarettes and even alcohol.

Look my Instagram to see what I visited this week :

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