Fourth week in New-York

Due to the labor day, the week was very short. Indeed, I worked only 4 days.

The week-end was very intense. Indeed, on Saturday I met my friends to go to Shake Shack (a quality burger fast-food) and then we visited an apartment for one of my friend in Brooklyn. Then, I went to the hair cut (1:30 waiting time). In the end of the afternoon, I took the shuttle to go to the New-Jersey and go to my oncle home. However, it did not stop at my stop. Therefore, I walked 1:20 (from Clifton to Nutley). I did not want to disturb my oncle even if it was only 6 mn by car. The funny thing is that when we went to the restaurant, we passed by the place I was.

The next day was a big day. Indeed, because of Rosh Hachana (celebration of the new year in the Jewish culture) my oncle invited 20 guests. Thus, we had to prepare the table and the courses. My oncle and his wife had already bought all the stuff for the preparation. His wife used to be a designer and she has beautiful ideas. The morning, I helped his wife to prepare the table. In the afternoon, I helped my oncle to cook. 10 years ago, my oncle had 3 restaurants in the New-Jersey and its surrounding. They were big restaurants since he served 1000 meals a day. He sold them because he wanted to enjoy life. Therefore, my oncle cooks very well, especially moroccan food. It was very good for me because I learnt how he cooks. I prepared most of the entries, and my oncle the main courses but I could have a look on what he did. You will find below pictures of the table and the meal.

During the meal, I met very nice and successful people. Most of them works in real estate and finance but there were also doctors and a lawyer. They and their experience were very interesting. I feel all people are rich, but my oncle told me New-York is different of the rest of US and is not counted in statistics (wealth, weight,…). One of the guy was very interesting because he lost all his money by investing in solar company when the market collapsed. Indeed, New-Jersey was not attractive for solar because this is not a sunny state like California. Therefore, the state offered 30% incentive for all investments : that means if you invest $1 million, it costs you only $700k. A lot of company came and there were too many supply for a little demand. The guy lost $2.5 billon. After that, he stoped investing in solar and started in real estate. Now, he has a lot of buildings and he is rich. This guy is to my eyes a good example of successing in USA.

The following day, we had to clean all the table, and prepare for the new guests. This time, it was my oncle’s wife’s family and they were only 11. We set the table a bit different, and the courses were the same, except the entries. 

Besides my oncle’s wife’s children (a 20 years old girl, and a 13 years old boy), there were the cousins of which one guy was also 20. We played all together (6 persons) to "Cards against humanity". The game is funny and consists in fill a blank in a card by a politically incorrect card. Details of the game are here : I learnt a lot of terms of everyday language. Then, we watched football (American football) on TV. When I told them that there are a lot of breaks, they answered in America, everything is money.

Therefore, this is the weekly fact : During the last Super Bowl in United-States, the Fox Channel (which broadcasts the game), earned $419 million in advertising. If it were a country, it would be the 185th world economy in terms of GDP, after the Tonga (437), and before the São Tomé and Príncipe (372).

Look my Instagram to see what I visited this week :

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