Third week in New-York, but not only New-York!

This third week was very fruitful. I did some works on Salesforce to acquaint oneself with it. With the two founders and two colleagues we went to a bar on Thursday after work. We spent about 2 hours on the bar and it was a very good moment.


The week-end was longer than the other ones because of the Labor Day. It is the equivalent of May 1st in France. This article relates of the origine of this day.


Therefore, I enjoyed this day to be with my oncle. During the loon my oncle had a commercial appointment (he designs and sells kitchen). It was very interesting because it was the first time I assist to a meeting of this kind.

Then, on the afternoon, we went to New-Hope in Pennsylvania. The city is about 2 hours of New-York and was very beautiful and chill. The day was sunny that made it perfect.

We dined on the spot (at 17pm!!) and then visit the city till the sunset.


For now, I will use an anecdote per article about New-York or United-States in general. It could be historical or just a fact. Indeed, while speaking with people I learn a lot of things and I would write the ones which had most impressed me. I will also put some anecdotes in my internship report, that will be released on the end of December.


When the sky is blue, you can see 5 states from the top of the Empire States Building (381 meters) : New-York (you are in!), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.


Look my Instagram to see what I visited this week :

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