Second week in New-York

This second week was very rich.


As part of my internship, I learnt a lot of things. Mainly, I learnt how to use salesforce (the basics), but above all, the American accounting.


It is not so different than the french one. Data are almost identical, but the form is different. Statements are more compact, and others, more precise, are attached.

There are 3 important financial statements : Income statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements.


To understand them, I asked M. Dalaigre who gave me the contact of an other IPAG Teacher specialized in the American system. He told me to look at the Ford and Apple financial reports to understand, what I did. They were very helpful since they are very clear and well presented.


I did my own document that I consider as my US accounting course. I used the website Investopedia that is very clear and complete.



Personally, I visited a lot of things, by bike. Only 12 days I am in New-York and I have ever riden more than 100km by bike (9 hours).


I know the different places of Manhattan, I did almost of the Avenues and all the touristic places. I even went to the beach (Coney Island one), sea was very warm.


I make some friends that allows me to be motivated to visit some places. Thus, on the week-end I leave in the morning around 9am and come back at 22pm.


My oncle lives in Jersey City and takes care of me. Thanks to him, I can visit a lot of places I could not have done. For example, in Jersey City there are beautiful places like Livingston, September 11 Memorial but I can not go without a car.


He made me discover the "best New-York breakfast) Saturday morning and it was very tasty, compared to Los Angeles. In New-York, quality is more important than quantity, I noticed.


I went one time in Brooklyn by my own but I did not like. I think I was not in a good place but it was very weird and unsafe. It was at Clinton Hill.


With my new friends we planned some projects like going to a Yankee match, cinema, and visit other cities like Boston, Philadelphia and Washington. They are not so far of New-York and there are cheap shuttles.


Look my Instagram to see what I visited this week :

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