First week in New-York

After the long procedures (new passeport, Visa, DS, embassy’s interview), I have finally arrived in New-York. 

My appartment is in Manhattan, I share a room with an american guy but I have not met him yet. The rest of the appartment is also in sharing, we must be 7 or 8. 
I pay approximately 800€ per months for this room. I have a very good view : Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge on the right, Brooklyn in front.

I have some family in Jersey City (West of Manhattan), and they take care of me. They picked up me at the airport, and they drived me to the restaurant two times.

It will be very interesting to see the evolution of my english through these weekly post.

I arrived on Tuesday at night, and I started my internship on Wednesday. During my first 3 days, I read some documents about the company, to know exactly what it does, how and what the objectives are.

This is very interesting but also very difficult. Lot of terms of finance, taxation and law. 

By the way, the company, Greenbacker Energy Company (GREC or GEC) is an affiliate of Greenbacker Group. It is externally managed by Greenbacker Capital Management (GCM. There are 3 distinct companies due to the taxation system. I will explain it in the next weeks. 
Greenbacker Energy Company acquires and manages, through investors, income-generating renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.  

In only 3 days, I learnt of lot of things through my reading. I did lot of researches on the Internet. I made a non-exhaustive list of what I learnt / what is important :
• Security
• Dealer manager
• Broker-dealer
• Delaware LLC
• Qualifying income
• Bond credit rating (class A, C and I)
• Book-entry form
• Expense ratio
• BBB+ = bonds liability
• Institutional clients
• EBITDA =  earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization
• PPA = power purchase agreement
• Senior unsecured debt
• Subordinated secured debt
• Subordinated unsecured debt
• Mezzanine debt
• Convertible debt
• Convertible preferred equity
• Preferred equity
• Fair market value (FMV)
• Incentive distributions
• Gross Offering Proceeds 
• Held C corporation

I created an Instagram to show what I visit in New-York and its surroundings. Do not hesitate to look at it (private).

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