17 février 2017

Big corporate restructuring



After a month in the company, I started to know people. There are nice and less nice persons.

One day, like all the other Thursdays we had a meeting. That day I noticed that the managers were stressed more than usually.

I got to the meeting and they told us that investors had warned that the Packlink’s Return On Investment (ROI) was negative and that they had to change the company strategy to get more profitability.

Then they told us that 25% of workers would be laid off.

In Spain, there is no firm contract between workers and company. A firm may lay off a worker the same day as a worker can leave the firm when he or she wants to.

That day 30 people were laid off. They had until 12pm to leave the firm.

We were all shocked. From our Business Development Team, only one woman leaves; she explained that this is normal in Spain and that it is not the first time that it happens to her.

Some were crying and some were nervous.

I was happy. Not because they dismissed a lot of people, but because I learned something that day.

I put myself as a worker, and it would be wrong to dismiss me and not the other 90 people. And I put myself as a CEO and I understood that the goal was to make the firm green and profitable in long term.

In addition to dismiss 25% of workers, they decided to stop giving all the benefits we had in the cafeteria and lunches every last Friday of the month.

Because of that, I was sad, because I was used to all these things cheeky

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