7 février 2017
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The benefits to work at Packlink

There is a lot of cool things at Packlink. I am a lucky girl because I came across a brilliant company.

Here are the best advantages of this company:

  • Cafeteria: There are various fridges and machines where we can find lots of juices, coffee and foods. The firm offers to us foods and drinks (Organic Fruit, Nespresso coffee, Soft-drinks, snacks…)


  • In addition, every last Friday of the month, we have a big lunch after work around 3 pm. Yes at 3pm because every Friday we finish to work earlier!


  • Furthermore, there is a room in the firm where workers can play. Yes yes, play! They made a salon where we can play ping-pong and pinball. Of course, there are only men there


  • Finally, Packlink gives us a paid holiday on our birthday! But unfortunately, I was born on July 18 and I will already be gone of Packlink.


Sadly, it only lasted a month for me. A lot of things have changed since end of January and you will find it out in the next article…



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