30 janvier 2017

Why Madrid ?

Finding the country of expatriation is a difficult choice that we have to think about several times.

I began to study at Ipag Business School this year, so I was not able to make a full year of expatriation. I had the choice to do my second semester in a university or to do an internship. I decided to increase my professional experiences and to do an internship. I wondered if it would be better to go to the other side of the world or stay in Europe. I chose to stay in Europe to be close to my family. I made my choice for Spain or Germany. Spain because it’s a country that I appreciate, people are warm and life is pleasant; and Germany because it would be a wonderful opportunity to improve my German that I learn since the middle-school.

So, I started sending my CVs in both countries and especially in Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona and Frankfurt. Few months after my research, the company Packlink based in Madrid contacted me for an interview. I passed the interview successfully and did the administrative papers.

I accepted to do my internship at Packlink because the company seemed dynamic, motivated and very nice … According to what my tutor Ludovic told me, the atmosphere is cool … What I saw from the first days!

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