22 janvier 2017

First day at Packlink

pesThe first week is not cool for everyone and of course it was not easy for me.

The first day of my internship began on the 16th of January. I had a meeting with my tutor at 2pm. When I arrived in front of the building I thought it would be a huge building with a lot of people; rather the building has 3 floors but the company where I’m working has only one floor.

I noticed that a few people were in front of the building, just smokers.

When I arrived in the offices, the human resources manager welcomed me and gave me a brief tour of the company. This place was great. Of course I didn’t know how many people work in Packlink.

After twenty minutes my tutor Ludovic came and welcomed me. They seemed all good people; and I had a good impression.

There are many foreigners who work in the company: I work in the business development for France. But there are Spanish, Italian and German sectors.

In general the companies has about 110 employees, and in our department has 20.

The first day I did a training of one hour and I started to work alone. Step by step I learned by myself all the tasks. It was not easy the first 5 days but I quickly adapted.

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