21 juillet 2018

Summary of the export mission

As part of my expatriation in Barcelona, ​​I was led to develop an export mission. This export mission is to implement in France a product existing in our host country, in this case, for me, Spain, which is not obvious given the number of similarities on the products, services, the way of life between these two neighboring and European countries.

I decided to carry out this mission on a concept that the Spaniards discovered in the 2000s, this is called "100 montaditos".
Since 2000, first in the south of Spain, this restaurant chain has seduced the Spanish with a simple traditional concept.
At present, the number of restaurants has multiplied, and spread throughout the Spanish territory.

montaditos image

As a first step, I will present the story of "100 Montaditos" and its concept, thanks to the realization of a documentary study consisting of several documents, websites, listedin the bibliography. I will then establish a maintenance guide to understand consumer behaviour and to answer certain questions and questioning. Finally, I would introduce you to the development of a business plan.

These restaurants offer 100 mini sandwiches that are served cold and hot and some other "tapas" to share at prices defying any competition. The success was almost immediate, but it is mainly in 2008 that this channel really takes off with the creation of a generous and revolutionary offer "the Euromania". A very interesting offer that offers sandwiches and beer at 1 euro. This success is due to a simple concept intended for all audiences friends have fun, families can enjoy the experience of sharing a good time, sharing flat and drink without ruining themselves. The décor is always the same, old style bar with pictures hanging all over the place. There are always a lot of people inside or outside. 

After having carried out two interviews of people who went regularly to seated at the terrace of the 100 Montanidos in Barcelona, we will be able to have information about the behaviours of the consumer and their way of consuming

Then I elaborated my business plan. 
I spoke in this part of the team that I will ride and me on this team. I then talked about the service and its market by emphasizing market segmentation, the main target and the positonnement that it will adopt on the French market. 

I also talked about the commercial means and the 4 P policy (product, price, place and Promot). To finally finish on the expected turnover. 




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