19 juillet 2018

Discovery report

To be honest, what surprised me the most during this trip was Barcelona's night life, It proved to be very different from Paris.

It is common here to see children playing in the parks past midnight, elderly talk on benches, neighbors with bags telling stories about their works, shops open 24 hours a day (supermarket, hairdresser, restaurants …). As a city located in the South of Europe with high temperatures, everyone go outside in the street. Some places in the city are more crowded at night than during daytime.  The lights of Barcelona Also made quite an impression on me the lights of a Mediterranean city are incredible, especially at sunrise.

I was surprised by the number of bulky things in the streets.

In Barcelona, ​​a lot of people, search the streets for what to dress their apartment or garden. And for that, they do not shop like in France, but along the sidewalks .As a matter of fact we can find many things (clothes, furniture, different metals, shoes, dishes …).

There are even fixed days  when you can barter in the streets, it works by district It is similar to what we see in France when we put our garbage on the street on a specific day. It is very surprising to see.
Then, another point that I found surprising was the number of Pakistanis selling all sorts of things.

No matter where you are in Barcelona, ​​if you find yourself on the beach they walk to you to offer you beach towels, massages or beer, if you are on "Las Ramblas" they sell toupees or beer, in the parks they sell water or beer. This can be convenient but it can become quickly oppressive.

To end on a positive note, I find the service very good. I was very surprised because the people of Barcelona are tired of tourists and yet they offer a superb service everywhere. They are very hospitable, very smiling, whether they are in transports, shops, restaurants, bars…

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