27 juin 2018

Culinary culture of Spain

In this little article, I will share with you Spanish culinary specialties. And especially a few that I particularly appreciate. So much, they are appetizing by their tastes, their touch and their visuals. 
1. Gaspacho (Gazpacho)

GaspachoIt is a traditional cold soup that is found in many parts of Spain.

The most popular gaspacho is Andalusia; it is made with tomatoes, sweet peppers and garlic (well chopped).

It is a delicious and very healthydish, characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. 

I particularly love this dish because with the hot weather it is very refreshing. 

2. Paella

There are all sorts, but we often hear that the real paella comes from Valencia. It must be made with local rice, chicken, rabbit, snails, white beans "garrafó", soft beans "tabella", green beans "ferradura", garlic, tomato, paprika, oil, salt and saffron.


It is true that I am not a big fan of Paella, but in the traditional Paella, there is no fish / meat mixture contrary in France where we find shrimps, mussels and squid.

3. Tapas

The tapas are full of small dishes generally composed of a rich variety of various tasting preparations based on the regional culinary products of Spain (charcuterie, cheeses, fish, crustaceans, vegetables, olives, olive oil ...). 




And of course with an alcoholic drink, usually beer, sangria or wine. All this in a very friendly atmosphere at the corner of a terrace in the sun or in the shade standing against the counter bar. It's not uncommon to find people dancing, moving to the rhythm of the music.


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